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As tears fall, I cannot be silent on the matter.

As I look at my newborn daughter snuggling with her older sister in bed, I cannot be silent.

As I live my life that God & my parents gave me, I cannot be silent.

As a mother, daughter, friend, wife, Christian and human being, I cannot be silent. I have to speak.

I’m speaking about abortion & life.

I saw somebody post yesterday that “this has crossed a line”. “This” meaning the fact that it’s now legal in New York to abort a “full term” human. “This has crossed a line” they said and I whole heartedly agreed! But why? Why do we think that killing a child at this point as opposed to two months into pregnancy suddenly crosses a line? Why hasn’t it crossed a line before? I’m ashamed of myself for not speaking up before to say that I am pro-life. But here I am just now speaking up because a line that we deemed to be “the” line has now been crossed.

Today I read the phrase “the war against motherhood” and suddenly it all made sense to me. I realized that a law being established on abortion isn’t just about the babies and it’s not just about women’s rights. It’s about me, personally. It’s about my duty as a mother. It’s about every mother out there. Because these women who have a right to choose are still mothers. Whether their babies’ lives are taken from them full term or just a few weeks in… whether the baby lives or dies… the mother remains a mother.

In 2013 I had a miscarriage. I still think of that baby boy. I still wonder what he would look like, what he would be learning in school. I wonder what his personality would be like and how much we would love each other. I wonder what his personal hobbies and passions would be. I don’t think of him every day but I do think of him often. I don’t feel guilt for his life lost but I do grieve him still. I didn’t feel as much emotional pain in the moment of the miscarriage. I didn’t feel as much of a connection to him then, as I’d never had a child before and didn’t fully understand what I was losing. The pain came later when I had given birth to my oldest daughter. As I held her tiny fingers those first few weeks, listened to her coo then way too soon learn to talk and experience life, I realized what all I had missed out with that first child. When I realized what I had is also when I knew what I’d lost.

There will be so many mothers that miss out. As sick as it makes me that these babies are being tortured and feel the pain of abortion my ONE comfort is knowing they will be resting sweetly with their Savior. Not that I wish ill on these innocent babies, of course not. It’s not ok in the least. Again, the thought alone makes me sick. But the ones I feel most heartache for are the parents and people that are robbing themselves and others of the honor, responsibility, joy and growth of motherhood. It is this person who will have to wrestle for all eternity with the decision made.

This is a war against motherhood. As a mom I have to speak up and say, I am against this.

If you agree, click this link. Sign. Share. Don’t stay silent.

Fighting God

Fighting God