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Mary, The Original Single Mom?

Mary, The Original Single Mom?

I can see it now: A pregnant girl walking through a somewhat crowded market. She really didn't want to get out and about. She knew people would think things about her. Some wouldn't even look at her, others would boldly stare. Regardless of where their eyes went, she would undoubtedly be their focus. They knew she was a good girl. They also knew she was pregnant and unwed. "Poor Joseph" they'd say. "How could she..." they'd whisper. But her unborn, the King of the World, was worth it all. And she was chosen.

How crazy to think that Mary, chosen by God, walked as a single mom. "She had Joseph" you say. I get that. But technically, she was a single mother while she carried Jesus in her womb. Like Mary was chosen, God specifically picked you, knowing that you'd be able to walk this journey as a testament to His grace, love & goodness, despite the pain. That's beautiful. That encourages me, as a Christian, single mom. 

I'm not saying that God's ideal plan is for single mothers to walk alone. I believe the opposite. A child deserves a mother and father (along with tons of other loved ones). A parent deserves a partner. But we are humans that inevitably make mistakes. Mistakes will often land us in less than ideal situations. But... With God (and grit) we can improve those situations. I know that God doesn't make mistakes. I know life comes from Him. I know that every mother is chosen, including the single ones. 

So keep your head up, Momma. You're intended to be the mother that you are. You are enough for your little one. When she's throwing a fit (that turns your face red hot with embarrassment in public) just know that He thinks you're doing great. And you are. When the little guy you adore seems to not care what you have to say, please know that God is working through you to reach that little boy. You are enough. 

The idea that the chosen Mary was a single momma makes me feel incredibly loved and treasured by God. Although I already know He adores me, relating to her and knowing that He physically held her as a single mother in His arms, all the more reassures me of the grip He has on me. The love He had for Mary is the same love He has for each of us. He knew it would be hard but He so trusted her. He knows that even with our everyday "fails" we will wake up the next day, ready to try try again. He is with us!


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