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Play Nice,   ̶K̶i̶d̶s̶ Adults

Play Nice, ̶K̶i̶d̶s̶ Adults


Master Chef vs. Master Chef Jr. That "Jr." in the title makes all the difference, guys. 

Ok, so these are two of my favorite shows. For those who do not share my affection for these shows, let me briefly explain: Contestants come into a large kitchen to compete for the title of Master Chef or Master Chef, Jr. As I'm sure you've guessed, one reality show features adults, the other features children. They alternate between seasons, going back and forth from adults competing to the children competing. 

I get sucked in, each season, to the different personalities, enticing plates & "real" drama. Yes, I'm using that term "real" so loosely. But in watching these shows I'm always taken aback by the night and day difference between the interaction between mini chefs vs. the stank attitudes of these adults. Watching MCJ you'd think the kids want the other contestants to win. They are so sweet to one another! Watching the adults in MC, you clearly recognize they're out to get their own, and no one will win their sympathy or help.

For being so little and under experienced, those kiddos in MCJ sure have a thing or two figured out. The fact that they understand and compete to be the winner at the end, yet still shed tears when a competitor is booted from the show is so great. They offer a helping hand when meal prep goes awry in a neighbor's kitchen station. That's right, they help their neighbor that they are in competition with. It's a beautiful thing. 

The other day my baby girl was playing in a designated play area at the mall. A little boy near her fell down and was crying. She instinctively walked to his stroller, picked up a toy & carried it over to console him in that moment. Such a simple task. But in that moment, her pleasure & fun wasn't as important as tending to the care of another. If a little child can grasp this, why can't we?

  At what point in life, do we lose sight of what matters? Somewhere from a little person on our way to adulthood, we lose sight of the important things. Others. Others matter. And in serving others, we don't always come out on top. Sometimes there will be another "winner" but I'd rather lose one yet win in characteristics of the heart. 

As much as I mean the above sentence, right now, I hope that I follow through in the testing moments to come. We need each other. We are all in this race, together. A race that doesn't need to have just one winner at the end. This is a race of endurance that we can all finish, together. 

Play nice, adults. We're in this together. I hope to see you at the finish line. 

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