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Silence is...

...Before anyone else wakes up, I sit in darkness ready to be immersed in light. It's calm. It's quiet. And I can hear.

...Driving down the road, I shut the music off. I listen because I can finally hear.

...Cleaning my home without the tv blaring to keep me company. Instead I let the silence welcome His voice into my thoughts while I prepare this safe place for my family and I. In this moment I can hear.

I've often wondered why God doesn't speak as radically as He did in the Bible. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps He is speaking but we aren't hearing. Back then, sure, they had noise. But today we cloud our every waking moment with Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, music and endless chatter... noise. What if we let silence embrace our every day so we actually hear what He's saying.

Today I am challenged to find that quiet place. I know He speaks & I'm ready to listen. 

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You Aren't Boring

You Aren't Boring