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I Love Donald Trump

I Love Donald Trump

Yep, I said it. I love Trump. Before you write me off... hear me out. I love him. And I love his family. I also love the people that hate him. I choose to love people of different color, religion, opinion & nationality. I will strive to love the unloved, drug addicts, most saintly of people, forgotten ones, thieves, rioters and more. You know why? I'm called to love them. I don't have to love their actions, lifestyles or opinions. But I refuse to hate others like so many are choosing to do.

Hate? "Sounds extreme", you say? If you think you're not guilty of hatred I would ask you to inspect your heart. The definition of hate: to feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone). Yep. It's really that simple.

I'm tired of all the hate. I have "unfollowed" more people in the last few weeks than ever in my life (life according to FB, anyways). I get it, "unfollowing" doesn't change the world, current events, etc. But it sure as heck makes my FB feed a happier place. And right now, in this messed up day, we need some more "happy"! 

I don't agree with everything our President is doing. I don't agree with everything my friends do, think or say. I didn't agree with each move our previous POTUS made, either. But I had respect for the man in his position. I try to show respect to my friends, knowing their lives are their lives. I have to hold to the belief that my everyday life & character will move forward regardless of what others choose. I choose to also hold to the belief that I'm not the only person with this mindset. Please, tell me I'm not alone! 

I'll say this: I may not know all the Biblical rules for immigration, running a country & politics. Don't bother trying to debate me, I'm admitting that I do not grasp it all. I do, however, comprehend some basic things. Things like... Love your neighbor as yourself. 

So while I see people fighting it out on social media about who is right, slurring hateful terms, wishing death on their "neighbors" and more, I'm going to "unfollow" as to not be swept away by this ugly current of hatred (hiding out under this political umbrella). Trust me, if I don't have some self-control, I will be swept away. You know that gnawing feeling that rises up when you're having a passionate reaction to something? For me, when that overtakes, I am done

If I'm swept away in all this, it will only add to the problem. Instead, I'm going to do my best as a Christian, scratch that, I will do my best as a human being to love all other humans. That means loving the terrorists, the immigrants, refugees, the widows, the celebrities, the kids, the neighbors, even Trump & his crew. 

Even if it doesn't feel easy... Do you agree that it's necessary? Do you agree that adding to the comments and spewing opinions doesn't help? Then don't just say "I love them all! I love everyone!!" while harboring hatred in your heart. Instead, here are some ways you can love people (even people far from you, you know, over in the White House or maybe another country): 

  • Pray for them 
  • Acknowledge them in a kind way
  • Stop speaking negativity over and about them
  • Bring them into your home (dinner sans the political discussion??)
  • Adoption
  • Financial support
  • Donate to organizations that help refugees

These are a very few quick ideas, some of which I practice currently, some of which I need to implement. I want to love people. Less talk, more action. 

And to take this one step further, if you're sitting here thinking "nope, I don't love everyone so I won't say it. Sorry, not sorry. Just keepin it real, Alicia!" I hear you. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes we don't feel like loving everyone. But instead of acting like it's ok to hate other people by saying "I'm just being real" why don't we at least try to change our "reality" by treating others better. It's the golden rule, people. Do unto others. Speak unto others. Speak about others, the way you'd want them to speak about you. 

One of the best quotes I have ever heard:

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

I do understand there comes a time to stand up for what you believe. This is my exact reason for this post. Love God. Love people.


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