Our story is one of grace & goodness...

This is my daughter, Lark Lynnette & I. In following my blog, you will no doubt get pieces of our story along the way but for those of you wondering:

We had a season of going through life solo (and by solo I mean surrounded by the most incredible team of family members, friends, pastors, church family, coworkers, etc.). We were left without her biological father on a daily basis. He is alive and well but decided to do life without us. I am a Christian, divorced, re-married mother . 

Growing up in a Godly, God fearing home, I never pictured a "happily ever after" without the "happy". I went to a Christian school followed by seminary. I followed God's path. After Bible college I sold all I had to follow Christ. I started traveling in ministry, met my ex-husband & thought this was my happily ever after. So when I found myself pregnant, facing a divorce from her father & unsure of my future... my world was shaken. I felt alone. Even with an amazing support system, I felt alone. Nobody prepares you for the aftermath of a divorce that you didn't want. And why would they? It's not how it is supposed to be. But what happens when one does find themselves in that position?

For me, I put one foot in front of another. I took time to stop ministering and instead be ministered to. I hunkered down, so to speak, grew this amazing child in my womb & trusted God. I also cried a lot. I let trustworthy people speak into my life. I listened to wise counsel. And more than anything, I waited on Him to make all crooked paths straight. I just waited for Him to make sense of the nonsense in my life. Some of it still doesn't completely make sense. But a lot does. 

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I found myself in that position. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't do anything wrong. A marriage dissolves because of two people. I'm not sitting here pointing a finger at anyone else. But sometimes life doesn't go as we plan. And without listing details or vilifying anyone, I will very boldly say that when it comes to the past five years, things did not go as I had planned/wanted. But God is full of grace and goodness. He saw me. He saw Lark. He kept us. He surrounded and blessed us.

Now for the good stuff... I moved back to Indianapolis shortly after Lark was born, found a solid, stable, Godly church with leadership that I trusted. Actually, God led me to them. I also met my gorgeous, patient, talented & hilarious husband. He is a dream that I often describe as "gold". 


Insert Photo of Best Husband Ever

(AKA My husband, Korey)

So yes, I am a Christian, divorced, once single, now re-married mother. But I am also a worship leader at my church. I am an inspirational blogger. I am full of laughter & encouragement for others. I am on a journey that has proven, even with all the bad, to be so far so good.

To you, the reader: If you are finding yourself confused, living a life that is less ideal than planned, feeling alone or perhaps more "on top of the world" than ever before... Your story is not over. God didn't run out of grace when He dumped it on me. There is enough for you. I pray that the words in these posts will bless, encourage, relate and empower you in your walk with Christ, regardless of which season you're walking.

Thanks for reading.