In a world where everyone demands a platform... it's nice to meet someone on a level playing field. So hey, nice to meet you. My name is Alicia and I'm just like you. 


Isn't it crazy how in a world where we are surrounded by others we can feel so alone? It's way too easy to feel completely helpless, lost and singled out. My idea is: Let's fix that.

As a mother, friend, sister, Christian (and too frequently a sinner), I pledge to be real. Let's all just be real. And while we're being real, let's encourage each other towards greatness. Let's come together in community, embracing the good, the bad and ugly while striving towards our purpose. 

Philippians 1:6 encourages us, stating that He who began the good work in us will continue this project (we are the project)  until its completed when Jesus Christ returns! This gives me the unwavering belief that while things may not be where I want them to be, it's definitely not over.

So let's be real together. My home is not perfect. My relationships are not always Instagram post worthy. My life is not always "together" and neither is yours. We're just not there yet, wherever there is, but guys... So far so good. 

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